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How Is Business Advertising Expected to Change in 2023?

Trends in business advertising change yearly, as companies review their past successes and failures, then adjust their campaigns accordingly.

Acknowledging this, some industry experts are already looking ahead in the hopes of predicting what the new trends in advertising for companies will be in 2023 to get a jump on them.

These are just some of the ideas that advertising agencies see coming to the forefront, that business owners should pay more attention to in the coming year.

  1. The Growing Use of AI and AR - The use of artificial intelligence is growing as a means of tracking and predicting user behavior, so business advertising agencies are focusing on more ways to implement this capability to learn more about them. Ads that use augmented reality to make them more interactive are also growing in popularity for the engagement they create.   
  2. Social Proof Is More Important Than Ever - From online reviews to customer testimonials on websites and social media posts, social proof is becoming the most important validation that new customers look for today. More valuable than company promises and even influencer statements, advertising for companies that include real opinions from real customers has become a critical element that boosts sales and creates more new customers. 
  3. The QR Code Is Back - The short-lived QR code is back and gaining in popularity since it is no longer necessary to download an app to use them. Built-in mobile camera technology has made it easier for business advertisers to make use of these codes and with this new ease of use, consumers are jumping back on the QR bandwagon. Advertising for companies can utilize them in creative ways to provide a point-and-scan link to more information to draw in more consumers and help them make informed decisions. 
  4. Value-Aligned Content - With a need for more and more creative content every year, advertising agencies are currently seeing a greater response from content that aligns with the values and needs of their target audience as opposed to especially promotional content. Consumers want to buy from brands that have the same values and will do so over a brand that simply tries to convince them to buy without relating. 
  5. Proximity Marketing A Key Method - Proximity marketing is taking local marketing to the next level through geo-tracking, providing a more personalized experience. By showing ads that are relevant to the locations where target consumers are positioned, companies can further research the behaviors of their target customers to reach the right person at the right time based on their proximity.

Heading into a new advertising year, it seems that personalization, social proof, and the growing use of AI and AR are at the top of the list for developing interesting, informative, and effective advertising for companies to get their word out.

As consumer opinions and technology all progress, business owners should expect to incorporate at least some of these ideas into their advertising campaigns in 2023.