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Effective Cyber Security Involves Much More Than Just Your IT Department!

A primary focus of cyber security and the prevention of cyber attacks revolves around investing in the right hardware, software, and personnel to promote a secure network that is not vulnerable to attack.

What many business owners do not understand is that there is much more involved in keeping their networks secure than simply paying for cyber security services.

Cyber security companies stress the importance of looking at threat prevention from outside of the IT room and how other players add to the vulnerabilities that make networks less secure.

Only by addressing these issues can any company achieve the level of cyber security required with everyone acting together. 

Problem – A System of System Risk

The biggest issues increasing risk in many cases include a cultural disconnect between the IT department and everyone else.

Those outside of the IT department frequently do not understand how their actions can negatively affect cyber security, increasing risk.

This system of systemic risk should be identified and addressed within a company to ensure that all employees fully understand the risks they create and how to reduce risky actions that can threaten the network. 

Need for an Accountability Policy

To enforce these policies and make employees aware of the risks they create and acknowledge the policies being put in place to prevent cyber attacks, cyber security services recommend putting an accountability policy in place.

This policy must be carefully developed to reward those making the best decisions, yet without creating a culture that unintentionally becomes so restrictive that it slows job efficiency. 

Above All – Communicate

An important part of all of these methods is communication and building a company culture that can talk to each other.

Non-IT executives must be willing and able to discuss cyber security with the IT department, then translate that information to everyone else in the building and enforce cyber security protocols.

Executives must also be vocal about balancing these protocols to everyone’s benefit, rather than allowing an environment that is either too restrictive or not restrictive enough, then placing blame when cyber threats become a problem. 

Cyber Security Involves Everyone

Ultimately, cyber security companies can only stress that effective cyber security is a company-wide effort that all personnel must be aware of and take part in.

While implementation of cyber security services may lay in the hands of the IT department, making use of those protocols is everyone’s responsibility.

With good communication, awareness, training, and good communication, businesses can ensure that all employees do their part to promote a safer network environment.